Hi. I’m Dene Carroll.

I’ve built a wonderful career as a court involved therapist and I have a beautiful family that I love with my entire heart. Through the joys and challenges, I have found two guiding principles in my life: Growth & Grit. I’m here to support you as you grow your professional skills and find the grit to keep going when it gets hard!

How CIT Training + Consultation Came to Life

For over 10 years, I worked as a Child Welfare Services Social Worker for the County of Sonoma. I loved this job. I loved my clients. I loved my coworkers. And, I was very good at it. But the workload, responsibility, and bureaucracy were crushing me. As time went on, one of my children was diagnosed with Autsim, and I needed a more sustainable career to support my professional ambitions and my life outside the office.

So, I began building my private practice working as a court involved therapist, piecing together my own combination of trainings, consultation, and networking. I felt empowered to help families the way I knew they needed to be helped. I was saving my clients tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees because I knew how to get them to make agreements in my office vs. the courtroom. I was working with amazing multidisciplinary teams that included other therapists, attorneys, and decision-makers. 

In a short time, I was:

  • Seeing 16-18 clients per week (all private pay)
  • Facilitating trainings for other therapists, attorneys, and judges
  • The Chair of the Mental Health Liaison Committee with the Sonoma County Bar Association
  • And most importantly, I was building the life I love outside the office. 

And next? I began turning away approximately 5-8 clients PER WEEK (and I did that again this week). And my court involved colleagues are doing the same.

This unique experience helped me to intimately understand what therapists need to specialize as a court involved therapist. That’s why I decided to create Court Involved Therapists Training + Consultation. 

Children need us. Families need us. The legal system needs us. And, my guess is you’re itching for something different.

You can view my Resume and CV here.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe all families should have access to high-quality mental health care, and that therapists practicing in all areas should receive the proper training and support.

In our training programs, we ensure that we provide therapists with interventions  and best practices for raising children with disabilities, same-sex families, co-parenting support for raising the next generation of our LGBTQIA+ community, and neurodiversity in kids/parents/clinicians. Additionally, we are committed to making our programs accessible for therapists working with underserved populations by offering scholarships and reduced-fee programs.

Meet Your Training Team

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you wan to go far, go together ~ African Proverb

Dené Carroll

Trainer + Clinical Consultant

Dené is a therapist-turned-trainer and is here to guide you on your quest to provide research informed best practices to families in their life after divorce. Whether you’re looking for specialized training or consultation, Dene is here to support you in all the steps along the way.

Elizabeth Crenshaw, LMFT

Trainer + Clinical Consultant

Elizabeth is a seasoned therapist that brings the "calm in the storm" vibe to her clients and to her work as a trainer and clinical consultant. She has excellent skills, intuition, and a passion to help others (clients and therapists) reach their full potential. You can read her full CV/Resume HERE.

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