Training + Consultation Opportunities

36-Hour Specialization Course

Transform your practice with this interactive and comprehensive training. Coming in April 2024, this virtual training will be facilitated by Elizabeth Crenshaw, LMFT and Dené Carroll, LCSW.


Consultation  Groups

Now Enrolling! You cannot do this work alone! Join our CIT Consultation + Study groups for ongoing clinical support and training for high-conflict dynamics. Your monthly fee will give you access to two groups per month, and you can attend one or both. You will get feedback and support for hard cases. Consultation and training will focus on co-parenting counseling, family therapist with a focus on resist/refuse dynamics, and supporting kids and adults in litigated custody disputes. 


Custom Trainings + Consultation

We love training therapists and you love running your business! Looking to add a new service or speciality to your group practice? We can train your entire crew of therapists, creating a training and consultation program (large or small) that fits your needs and opens opportunities for new referral streams. Contact us today to discuss how we can build a program to meet your agency’s needs.


Here’s what other professional have to say:

Bianca Avina, LMFT

I had been working with several families going through divorce in my practice, and I realized I needed more training in this area to best support my clients. I started with the 16-Hour training with Dené, and then decided to also do a 40-hour training with Elizabeth. These trainings provided me with the knowledge and interventions I was looking for and needed to feel more confident in working with families that are involved with the court. After the training, I have continued to work with Dene in consultation. Her support and advice has helped me to continue to grow and develop my confidence as a court involved therapist.

Carol Oppenheimer, LCSW

I recently received a referral for court-ordered family therapy that involved several complexities that made me unsure how to proceed. I contacted Dene for consultation, and she was able to provide specific and effective instructions for getting the family successfully onboarded. In addition to providing concrete information and language for intake paperwork specific to this case, she was able to consult with me around how to manage challenging dynamics in a way that helped family members feel comfortable with the process. I am deeply grateful to Dene for sharing her expertise in this area. She helped boost my knowledge and confidence, so that I could provide the best service possible to this client.

Jalena Rusaw, LMFT

I have been working with families involved in the court system for many years but wanted to gain some additional tools to use in my practice.  I found this and more in the 16-Hour training with Dene. The training provided a deeper level of community, validation, and tools which I integrated immediately into my practice. Dene’s knowledge into the complex court process and the impact into the homes of families is demonstrated thought-out the training and will be useful to new practices and those currently working in the field. I have also utilized Dene for a consultation on a complex family case, and received useful, thoughtful advice.