Connect. Learn. Grow.

Join other court involved therapists in the commitment to ongoing learning in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment.

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Deliver Quality Care

Learn new research, implement best practices, and creativity for ideas for interventions to move families forward.

Manage Liability

Ethical terminations, responding to emails, safety protocols and assessment, letter writing, and more.

Grow Your Practice

Career development, productivity practices, streamlined processes and onboarding, and networking opportunities.

Consultation Team

Dené Carroll, LCSW

Trainer + Clinical Consultant

Elizabeth Crenshaw, LMFT

Trainer + Clinical Consultant

Here's how it works:

Each month you'll pay $90, and this monthly membership will include:

  • Access to two groups per month
  • Consultation will focus on co-parenting counseling, family therapy with a focus on resist/refuse dynamics, and supporting kids and adults in a high conflict family dynamics
  • Monthly handouts/educational materials

Groups will take place on the 2nd Monday of the Month, 9-10:30 (Led by Elizabeth Crenshaw) Pacific Time and on the 4th Thursday of the Month, 12-1:30 (led by Dené Carroll). All groups will be 90 minutes. Facilitator and  times may change with 2-Weeks.

In addition, you’ll have access to a portal with research articles and handouts relevant to court involved therapy.


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